The Experience Design Consultancy


We are experience designers. We create experiences for some of the world’s most progressive brands adding new dimensions to the way they connect with their customers by taking a unique multidisciplinary approach.

Fundamental to the success of our work, is our understanding of spaces so that our music reverberates in just the right way and scent plays its appropriate role in the delivery of the desired experience.

Our multidisciplinary approach includes a deep understanding of how both sounds, scent and people interact within built spaces, the physiology of aromas and their effects on the brain and the psychology of how music and scent influence human behavior.

We are storytellers too. Embedded within each music and scent concept is the story of the brand in auditory and olfactory code. This includes music styling that sets the brand’s tone to perfection and unique scents that represent the brand’s origins and aspirations.

Sensory architecture: We bring customer environments to life by expressing the very essence of the brand in music and scent by creating a unique sonic and scent architecture. In this way the brand is with the customer every step of the way, integrated across multiple touch points and at every step in the customer journey.

We guide people through public and retail spaces so that their perceptions are heightened through a managed appeal to their senses, delivering a synergistic, multi-sensory experience.

Forward-thinking brands: Our techniques and innovative delivery methods using the scientifically-proven application of music and scent have been adopted by some of the most forward-thinking brands in Asia. They work with us because they know they must find every opportunity to enhance their competitive advantage while operating in what are among the world’s most challenging markets and demanding clientele.

We are very pleased with the way the music, messaging and specially formulated New Balance ‘aroma’ integrate within the built three dimensional aspect of the New Balance Experience store. We wanted to create a brand experience that is totally reflective of the brand essence, and as such, this has to go beyond what you see and encompass all of the human senses.


Bob Neville, Global Design Director

We only wanted to be associated with the very best in each field. I can only recommend Equal Strategy to any Hotelier who is looking for quality and service delivery.”

Marina Bay Sands

Alessandro A. Cabella, General Manager

‘If you are looking for a company that is ultimately committed and passionate about what he brings to the table, and who will embrace your brand as it were his own, it will be difficult to find a better business partner..’

Pan Pacific Hotel Group

Mark Fancourt, Vice President