Johnnie Walker House

Diageo Global Travel launched its seventh worldwide Johnnie Walker House retail showcase, this time in DFS Group’s new Wines & Spirits flagship store, in the central atrium of the departures concourse at Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 3.

inspired by the travel heritage of epic ocean voyages that took Johnnie Walker himself from the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world, combined with the custom fragrance in luxury retail of using trunk shows to provide tailored, exclusive experiences to valued clients.

The highly tactile environment of leather, copper, marble, bronze, wood and steel finishing, helps brings to life the history, provenance and pioneering spirit of the brand.

Inside, travelers can be a part of exclusive ‘theatrical mentoring’ sessions where they are educated and entertained by trained brand ambassadors; a selection of six signature scents are individually released into space, each emitting different flavor characteristics of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.