Dramatic Experience – UOB

Contained within a minimalist sculptural enclave, the UOB concept centre caters to a selective clientele. Designed like a Best First Class Lounge on the upper deck of a Boeing Dream Liner in the year 2030, one could say that UOB at MBS redefines high nett worth banking. A stylish statement that speaks of a new experience with a simple, yet to-the-point with an understated elegance and quiet finesse. It embraces the five senses with music from a fusion of oriental and western elements, complemented with an Asian contemporary ginger base, over-laid with fresh citrus green floral notes, putting a final classy touch to an alternative dramatic experience.

Best First Class Lounge

Dramatic Experience UOB

Best First Class Lounge Dramatic Experience

UOB Dramatic Experience

The Dramatic Experience scent marketing company