What makes Equal Strategy’s services stand out from other companies?

One word covers this – Quality. This is reflected through our consultative approach and everything we do. Quality comes first before price.

Equal Strategy is first and only business in Asia to help brands differentiate themselves through the use of music and scent based upon decades of scientific behavioural research and applied in a brand context.

When designing scent experiences, we only work with fine fragrances (perfume).  The fragrance tells the story of the brand and event, through the combination of ingredients across its top, mid, and lower notes.

At the outset, perfume making seems a simple case of mixing and matching, but it’s more of a finely honed craft that a Chemistry graduate will spend decades training and gaining experience.

When you design a fine fragrance (perfume), you create a structure around three notes. The top, middle and base notes.  Creating a distinctive smell is down to the ingredients used for each of the notes, and the ratio between them in the perfume. If the base is overly heavy, it’s going to blind the other notes in the concept.

Our signature scent concepts use blends containing up to 45 ingredients.  The concepts are created by perfumers at Drom, who spent decades studying the art and regulatory aspects.  They’re also responsible for designing and manufacturing the perfumes and aftershaves for Bulgari, Chanel, Escada and Dunhill.  This makes our work engaging and unique opposed to using mid-range or mono note scents to create an uninspiring “walls of scent”.

The same philosophy applies to our music services – depth, variety and quality are key.  We work with a variety of music libraries to suit the individual needs of each client.  For example, our major label music library has over eight million tracks and is significantly larger than others.  This makes the output of our design and curation process, unique and special.

All of our services are fully managed.  Literally, the client only needs to sign the agreement and cheque – we take care of everything else: – design, curation, installation, updates, strategy development, through to onsite technical support.

What kind of events does Equal Strategy specialise in?

Helping brands to stand out and differentiate their event from the other same old cookie cutter formula, by leveraging and integrating two of the most undervalued senses – olfactory and auditory stimuli.  Our design process is underpinned by decades of scientific behavioural research, and overlayed with a tones and associations. This enables the client to subconsciously influence the behaviour and brand associations.  With the sense of smell, being the only sense directly connected to the brain’s centre for memory and emotions, we create a truly memorable event.

What events or parties has Equal Strategy curated music and scent for? 

Several of our Private Bank clients have asked us to help with their high nett worth client events. Most asked us to curate the music to set the tone and feel, also provide the audio system and ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the event. All deployed their brand signature scent as part of their integrated sensory experience – for small events we use a range of portable units to suit each of the different environments. This builds consistency in the brand experience and strengthens their brand equity in the clients’ mind.

In 2011, We had an interesting small event for Capitaland at the black and white bungalow located at the Botanical Gardens – the event was visited by President Tony Tan and his wife. The scent was designed to capture the essence of Capitaland’ two hybridised orchid species, Cattleya CapitaLand and Phalaenopsis CapitaLand, and was diffused throughout the bungalow and across the garden to the guest arrival point.


From eight years ago, Luxury bespoke jeweler, The Jewel Box, wanted to do something special different for their small client gatherings. It’s Managing Director Vinod Moore contacted us and got us involved – no more than twelve people per gathering, so to create a sophisticated, modern and intimate setting, an amber twist with sparkling citrus top notes and an oriental lounge theme was curated to set the mood.

Podium Lounge is a high nett worth event for the A-list jet set formula 1 – For the past three years we’ve diffused a range of fine fragrances, for 2016 we developed another signature scent – a beautiful floral green lily with twists of bergamot and ginger, coupled with curated music over the three days for its CEO & founder, Robbie Hoye-Cock.

Also for Singapore Formula 1, we scented the outdoor concert area of the Padang.  Scenting outdoor areas is extremely challenging, due to the dynamics and variables of mother nature.  Using high output scent equipment designed specifically for sports stadiums and outdoor festivals makes it a breeze.

UOB worked with us to create a unique sensory experience at their Privilege Banking suite at Marina Bay Sands – the branch was used test new service concepts, with food and beverage playing a key role in service delivery. A signature scent and curated background playlist reflect the minimalistic design concept with an Asian undertone.

Fine Palate is a leading gourmet catering company in Singapore, with a spectacular track record of high-end events. I work closely with its founder and conceptualiser, Heather Berrie, and created the signature scent and music dimensions for several of her events.

When curating background music and signature scent for an event, is the project undertaken by a single person at Equal Strategy, or a team of people? 

I own the creative role and oversee the project, from conceptualisation through to delivery and post-project reviews.

Within our team, our “Sensory Managers” work with clients on the finer details. Fulfillment is overlooked by our “Client Services” team who ensure the technical aspects (coordination of engineers, equipment, manufacturing of fragrance, configuration, and replenishing) all happen exactly when they should.

What are your hire rates like?

For elements that have such a high touch and memorable impact with guests for an event, our fees are often single digit percentages of the actual project cost.

How can our readers get in touch with Equal Strategy should they require your musicand scent curation services?

They are able to contact us through our website www.equalstrategy.com or reach me directly by email simon.faure-field@equalstrategy.com