First Luxury Boutique Hotel – Naumi Hotel Singapore

Naumi Hotel Singapore uses each of Equal Strategy’s services to provide a fully-integrated brand experience. This includes music on the web site, consistent in tone and texture as the music and messaging to those calling the hotel, specially-selected music in the hotel’s lounge and bar, spacial new age in guest room corridors and poolside, and fragrancing in the lounge and bar.

Naumi Hotel Singapore

Surya Jhunjhnuwala, the hotel’s owner, had a clear vision for the hotel and worked closely with Simon Faure-Field at Equal Strategy to make that vision a reality. ‘Simon simply asked all the right questions’, explains Surya. Equal Strategy was able to understand Surya’s needs precisely, bringing together music, fragrancing and telephone messaging. ‘Equal Strategy was genuinely interested in Naumi’s success’, says Surya.

The Naumi brand is positioned as a blend of East and West expressed in a contemporary way. Personal luxury is the focus supported by a uniquely welcoming experience where attention to detail is everything. Equal Strategy even ensured that the music on the Naumi web-site is the same as that being played in the hotel. ‘Everything we do for clients has a purpose. We take time to ensure that it’s all well thought out and works’, says Simon.

Guests can relate to the fragrance used in the hotel, and frequently comment on its refreshing aroma. Equal Strategy recommended a citrus-based fragrance with a hint of ginger to add an Asian dimension. Three aroma concepts were tested before Naumi’s final signature scent was selected.

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The music selected for the hotel expresses Naumi’s soul. In the restaurant and bar music styles are matched to the time of day. Guests enjoying breakfast are greeted by uplifting, contemporary tones, while those enjoying a drink in the evening are serenaded by lounge music with a special Naumi twist. One of the unique aspects of Equal Strategy’s service is that different music is played in the restaurant and bar to that in the guest room corridors. The latter is quieter and selected to minimise any sounds from guest rooms in the corridor – adding to a sense of privacy for guests.

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In keeping with the integrated Naumi experience, those calling the hotel who are placed on-hold enjoy music which is in keeping with the brand. The messages interlaced with the music offer a consistent tone and style and also reflect the brand.

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Maybe the biggest testament to the successful execution of Surya’s Naumi vision is the number of imitators that have sprung up. It’s clear that Equal Strategy has played an important role in creating a unique and memorable guest experience at Naumi.