Music Styling Specialist, Equal Strategy Announces New Solid State Media Player

Innovative Internet-based Media Player

Singapore (September 11, 2018) – Equal Strategy, the provider of the preeminent platform for the digital delivery of Business Music and Messaging to successful brands worldwide, announced today the release of its state-of-the-art third generation media player, the Silver IV. This event marks the introduction of Business Music and Messaging’s first solid-state media player with a choice of major label or fully licensed music libraries.

The Silver IV replaces its previous generation’s hard drive with solid-state memory, removing the last moving parts from the media player and thereby ensuring even greater reliability, which is reflected in its included two-year warranty. Additionally, the Silver IV is lighter with a smaller footprint, weighing just 60% of the previous generation. For Equal Strategy clientele, this means increased flexibility in installation as well as savings on shipping costs and low energy consumption. New provisions have been designed into the exterior case to allow for wall mounting while the extremely lightweight design (1 lb) makes the more traditional installation easier than ever.

The Silver IV not only continues a long history of providing trouble-free, long-term value to locations worldwide but also enhances its tradition of innovation by offering hardware requiring a maximum of just 20% of the power of its nearest competitor. In large scale corporate installations consisting of several hundred locations, this power consumption not only complies with corporate “green” initiatives but also results in tens of thousands of dollars saved throughout the life of a services contract.

Like previous generations, the Silver IV provides Ethernet and WiFi network connectivity and continues to be the sole media player capable of dial-up access through existing phone lines (such as a FAX machine line) in the absence of network connectivity. The access by either Ethernet, Wifi or dial-up includes the ISP usage and a network of 50,000+ dial-up points of presence worldwide connecting to Equal Strategy ISPs. All customer requirements are predetermined and configured during the initial factory setup so that the only requirements necessary for installation are opening the box and plugging in. Within 20 seconds the client’s pre-installed schedule is up and running. Although Equal Strategy maintains an enormous database of installers regionwide.

Also like previous versions, the Silver IV continues to be a two zone, four services player, providing discrete control over both Music and Messaging in each zone. Accessing the Silver IV is done via a secure browser-based online client. Control of access can be given to one, many or all locations depending upon the client’s need.

Simon Faure-Field, CEO of Equal Strategy, remarked, “With the introduction of the Model Silver IV, Equal Strategy furthers its product leadership in the Background Music and Messaging business. Silver IV widens the gap between Equal Strategy and its competitors in this sector. In terms of scalability, ease of use, and functionality, our product continues to be the superior choice for retail and hospitality enterprises who are seeking a background music platform that not only complements but enhances their brand experience.”

Among additional functionality the Silver IV facilitates are auditable ad play reports retrievable at any time, and message addition or removal within minutes at one, or every location worldwide. Equal Strategy’s music library, now at more than 9 million tracks, remains the largest licensed library on the globe.

Equal Strategy’s comprehensive audio solution creates an immediate, quantifiable connection between business, consumers, and Digital Out-of-Home advertisers, and is favored worldwide by many of the most successful retail and hospitality brands for its ability to target messaging and enhance the brand experience.

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