The Scent Marketing Institute is the world’s only independent resource on the use of scent for marketing and branding.


  • Promote the benefits, awareness and value of scent marketing in business and society
  • Assist in the advancement of our member companies and individuals
  • Facilitate product and service quality through professional development and education
  • Create a vital and expanding global scent marketing community
  • Provide access to information most relevant to the field
  • Pursue continual improvements of the Institute

The Scent Marketing Institute invites participants in their initiatives, educational programs and conferences to support efforts in generating industry standards and best practices.

It is the recognized authority in the Scent Marketing field and dedicated in providing the best services and products to the global audience.

The Scent Marketing Institute was established in September 2006 and is headquartered in Scarsdale, New York. It has foreign offices in Poland, The Netherlands and Finland.

It takes great pride in being independent and impartial – which deems essential in achieving its objectives.

The membership program is designed for corporations and individuals that are interested in and committed to the Scent Marketing industry on many different levels. As students, academics, professionals or entrepreneurs.

It is affordable and the benefits are easily accessible.

  • Expert assistance in developing efficient and comprehensive Scent Marketing strategies.
  • Expert assistance in building and expanding your Scent Marketing Business.
  • Access to industry-specific analysis, research and market intelligence.
  • Opportunity for “peer-to-peer” exchange in a network of Scent Marketing professionals.
  • Support in teaching your personnel about the industry they will be serving.
  • Opportunities to participate in best practices and benchmarking surveys.
  • Access to the Executive Scent Marketing Hotline to have your Scent Marketing questions answered.
  • Access to our communication network as a launch pad for your industry, product and personnel news.
  • Preferred subscription to our SCENTtrends newsletter.
  • Timely, accurate and comprehensive market and business information housed in our “Members Only” Knowledge Database.
  • Free premium listing in our Scent Marketing Compendium, the ultimate resource for anybody seeking industry information and resources.
  • 15% discount on all our events, educational programs, publications and products.
  • Affiliation with the only professional association that supports the development of scent-centered marketing strategies and brand identity initiatives.

To become a member and join the growing community of Scent Marketing professionals please visit

Organized by the Scent Marketing Institute, the events provide information and education for newcomers to the subject of Scent Marketing as well as for industry insiders.

The emphasis is on excellent content — delivered by excellent presenters.

As they identify key areas of interest – both in content and geographically – they connect with worldwide resources to provide seminars, workshops and conferences.

The annual “anchor event” is the SCENTworld Conference & Expo – the ideal opportunity to network with peers, hear about cutting-edge developments, take a break from the competitive business environment and enjoy the camaraderie of peers and colleagues.

In addition to SCENTworld local events are throughout the year as in Brussels and Amsterdam and with Japan coming soon. The Scent Marketing Institute tries to be available to as broad an audience as possible. Be it from various verticals (e. g. consumer goods, hospitality, retail, instore design, architecture) or professional levels (e. g. brand managers, customer experience executives, advertising agencies, branding agencies).

For a complete list of upcoming events please visit

The Scent Marketing University is a division of Scent Marketing Institute that provides different levels of continued education for industry professionals as well as for individuals new to Scent Marketing.

Later in 2010 it will launch the “Certified Scent Marketing Expert” program.

The efforts to build awareness in the areas of Multisensory Marketing in general and Scent Marketing in particular continue to gain momentum. As importance and acceptance of both grow with marketers and their agencies alike, it is deemed essential that those need to have access to a base of qualified professional that have undergone a thorough training and certification process.

The Scent Marketing University is in the final stages of defining the curriculum and the delivery method. Conversations with the University of Nevada in Las Vegas (UNLV) have resulted in a pledge to cooperate on jointly developed initiatives.

In the past we have supported students from all levels in projects ranging from High School Science Fairs to PdD theses. We will continue to do so because we firmly believe that the growth of our industry benefits from such grass roots efforts.

The Scent Marketing Institute publishes the Scent Marketing Compendium, the only directory of Scent Marketing industry resources and it’s key players. It’s the essential starting point for anybody seeking information and validated contact information.

Close to 250 entries are categorized in

  • Scent Marketing Consultants & Branding Agencies
  • Scent Developers
  • Scent Solution Providers
  • Scent Application Specialties
  • Consumer Research

The Scent Marketing Compendium is updated once a week and available for purchase from

The ScentTrends Newsletter goes out every 2-3 weeks to a mailing list of 3,000 individuals from around the world. It contains links to the most current information, industry news, trends and events relevant to our industry.

On LinkedIn the “Scentmarketing” group managed together with their office in Poland.

On WIWIH, a social network for the Hospitality industry, the Scent Marketing Institute manages the “Scentmarketing” group as well.

Equal Strategy is recognised by the Scent Marketing Institute as a one of the key players in the scent marketing industry, who is validated and an active member of the community – Equal Strategy is the only branding agency and marketing conslutancy in Asia specialising in scent marketing.