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The only one of its kind in Asia, Equal Strategy has the latest methods for literally making one’s stay or visit complete. They specialise in effectively integrating different sensory elements by delivering music, fragrance and recorded telephone messages on hold to businesses in a
scientific way that enhances the overall customer experience of the brand. CW Asia managed to speak to CEO Simon A Faure-Field (left), the man behind this creative genius as he explains to us the uniqueness of his company’s service.

Equal Strategy got their foothold in Asia when he moved to Singapore in 1995; he was immediately overwhelmed and taken in by how dynamic and progressive it was. However, he was puzzled by how companies wasted their money on televisions’ advertisements that confused consumers. He says, “When you look at these advertisements, you create levels of perceptions. But when you call this company, they put you on hold and what you’re really experiencing is the inconsistency.” Faure-Field says that Equal Strategy then went through an expansion in helping businesses emphasise their brands more by creating a focused brand alignment on the phone with music that reflects their identity. Several clients have since been asking him to re-create that same effect on a larger scale. He explains, “We have the technology that allows us to schedule different types of music from different playlists at different times of the days of the week.” At the same time, Faure-Field cleverly creates perfumes, tailored to the characteristics of the brand, which are timely released as well. He says, “Sense of smell is the only sense that is directly connected to the brain sense for memory and emotions, so 80 percent of our decisions are based on our sense of smell.”

What his company is trying to achieve for their customers is for all the different elements of the environment to work together in tandem, which
will make patrons feel good the moment they step inside. He says, “It’s about making use of the environment. It’s about everything working together in an integrated manner and how it looks, feels and smells.”

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