The best scent marketing company in Singapore

Fragrances forge unique, strong emotive connections to your brand, subconsciously influencing behavior, and further distinguishing it from your rivals. What is the scent of your brand ?

Our fragrance services manage this important and only sense directly connected to the brain center for memory and emotion, in an ingenious way creating just the right response from customers – playing an important role in expressing and enriching your scent marketing and brand experience.

We substantially enhance the quality and effectiveness of your clients’ environments using fragrances that evoke the most appropriate memories and mood. Perfumers blend up to 45 ingredients to develop sophisticated exclusive “signature” concepts for clients, to create relaxed environments, reducing stress and anxiety levels in your customers, increasing sales, building customer loyalty, differentiating your brand from competitors – we partner you every step of the way to deliver a highly memorable sensory experience.

For areas 200 to over 50,000 square foot, the scent is vaporized through centralized air-conditioning ducts to evenly distribute and maintain an even scent level 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Smaller areas such as guest rooms may be personalized through our range of desk and wall mounted units, as well as decorative reed and oil diffuses to create the special touch. For areas suffering from tobacco or malodors, neutralizing qualities are added, creating a more pleasant experience.