Sonic Architecture ensures that the music in any given environment reflects the mood and image of the brand or business concerned. Sonic architecture involves blending music to suit distinct zones that reflect the visitor journey and ensures that the ambiance generated is appropriate for the time of day. Up-tempo music in the morning and more relaxed in the afternoon and evening, for example.

Our music is curated to embody the very soul of the brand and can be programmed to create different moods by time of day.  In this way, it is possible to reflect the distinctive characters of different outlets by zoning the music being played.

Making powerful and often personal emotive connections, music has the flexibility to influence everything from the strategic positioning of a brand to more tactical requirements by changing and adapting moods to particular times of the day or periods of the year.

Our licensed major and private label libraries contain over eight million tracks to provide your business with a styled and unique “signature” sound.

Media players are remotely managed and network-based to enable daily content updates, and 14-day scheduling to keep content fresh and relevant. Equal Strategy’s technology means that different musical styling profiles can be delivered to different locations in the same building. It also means you can implement and maintain consistency across global locations.