50ml Refill – Mandarin Moo-Ments Car Diffuser

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Fragrance refill for Mandarin Moo-Ments Car Diffuser
Mandarin Moo-Ments signature scent (50ml)
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Add a touch of luxury to your driving experience.

Keep your car smelling fresh and special by welcoming passengers with this one of a kind exclusive Mandarin Moo-Ments fragrance spreading happiness and joy, while keeping drivers feeling alert and energetic with its citrus main notes.

50ml of Mandarin Moo-Ments fragrance will last for over ten months when using the lightest setting, and five months with the strongest setting.

Specially designed for Moo Moo Park’s multi-sensory art gallery experience to “Welcome the year of the Ox” and its visitors; the inspiration behind the fragrance’s creation was to bring to life the Chinese New Year tradition of exchanging mandarin oranges when visiting one’s house as a form of respect and the symbolic way of wishing them happiness and prosperity.

The exclusive scent’s top and mid notes are embodied by a burst of mandarin tea, orange blossom and citrus notes with bottom notes of white musk and Gaiacwood ‘gwy-ack’, which translates to the tree of life, creating an intriguing air to this concept.

Fragrance notes:
Top : Lemon, Grapefruit, Green leaves
Mid : Mandarin tea, Orange blossom, Plum
Bottom : Gaiac Wood, White Musk

Equal Strategy is known for providing high end luxurious and unique fine fragrances, which are compliant to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards and are safe to use in any environment.

This fragrance is only recommended for use in the Mandarin Moo-Ments Car Diffuser.


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